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Year in Review

2013: Who, What, Where and When in an Orthopaedic Year

Before we dive into 2014, let’s review what 2013 wrought. We’ve collected the start-ups, expansions and closures, mergers and acquisitions, fundings, first 510(k)s and products launched across the orthopaedic universe in the preceding 12 months. (Please note, start-ups, first 510(k)s and fundings for 1H13 were covered in the July issue of ORTHOKNOW; please visit the online archives for a refresher. Do you need links to any of these companies? You’ll find those in the company directories at www.orthoworld.com, too.)

Start-ups identified during 2H13 included:

blue M medical
Columbia City, Indiana, USA

  • Implant and instrument designer and supplier, focusing on orthopaedics, spine, trauma, sportsmed
  • Seeks to create 25 jobs by 2016


Baar, Switzerland

  • Formed from former executive employees of Plus Orthopedics and Intraplant to market ANA.NOVA hip and CCG cerclage systems in Austria, Germany, Switzerland


Prodigy Orthopedics (Covered in October ORTHOKNOW) (Update: Business license expired 11/2013 per Nevada Secretary of State filings.)

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

  • Formed to provide domestically-manufactured low-cost spinal fusion products in the U.S. (biologics, cervical, lumbar, thoracolumbar)
  • Not a physician owned entity


Expansions/New Facilities announced in 2013 included:

Bioventus: expanded into Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, U.K.

Gizmo Medical: manufacturer of orthopaedic surgical instrumentation opened new facility in Shandong, China

Medtronic: adding 50 employees at Puerto Rico manufacturing plant to develop cervical disc repair technology

NLT SPINE: opened U.S. facility, launching products in 2014

NuVasive: opened Japan office; NuVasive Manufacturing planning to grow workforce by >24% in 2014 (currently employs >70)

SIGNUS Medizintechnik: terminated distribution agreement with LifeHealthcare, launched SIGNUS Australia for direct distribution of spine products

SpineVision: established German subsidiary


Closures/Restructuring announced in 2013 included:

Alphatec Spine: restructuring Scient’x operations in France, reducing workforce by 76 positions

Artimplant: filed for bankruptcy amid litigation in U.S. relative to CMC spacer, lack of investor interest, etc.

Integra LifeSciences: closing 2 manufacturing facilities, discontinuing certain product lines in Extremities, Instruments, Neurosurgery, International and U.S. Spine/Other

Orthofix: realigned businesses to include BioStim stimulation products, Spine Fixation implants, Biologics for all applications, International Extremity Fixation and U.S. Extremity Fixation; global spine separated into BioStim and Spine Fixation

VOT: liquidating all corporate assets, including SOLO Partial Knee


M&A Activity in 2013:

The complete spreadsheet of all M&A activity from 1993 to date is available, including an Excel download, in your ORTHOWORLD® Members Area. Here are 2013 transactions (and two 2014 highlights, too).



Acquired by




Genstar Capital

Terms not disclosed


MAKO Surgical


Cash for shares


Paragon Medical

Beecken Petty O’Keefe private equity

Terms not disclosed


OneFit Medical

EOS Imaging

Cash and shares


Adler Mediequip/Sushrut Surgicals

Smith & Nephew

Terms not disclosed


Plato Grup (distributor), certain assets

Smith & Nephew

Terms not disclosed


Biotech International (extremities)

Wright Medical

Cash and stock


Osiris Therapeutics’ culture-expanded mesenchymal stem cell business


Cash and stock




Terms not disclosed


Pipeline Biomedical orthopaedic device assets

MAKO Surgical

Cash and shares






aap Joint (67% of shares)

Private Equity Company




CoorsTek Medical

Terms not disclosed


Expanding Concepts’ interbody technology portfolio

Trinity Orthopedics

Terms not disclosed


Orthos’ BetaGran, BetaGel assets


Terms not disclosed


Spectrum Plastics


Terms not disclosed


Vulcanium Metals

United Performance Metals

Terms not disclosed


Phenix Systems

3D Systems

Terms not disclosed


Pioneer Surgical Technology

RTI Biologics



NORMED Medizin Technik


Terms not disclosed


Knee Creations


Terms not disclosed


Stanmore Implants Sculptor Robotic Guidance Arm

MAKO Surgical





Cash and stock


ANC (contract manufacturer)


Terms not disclosed


Pro Cirurgia (distributor)

Smith & Nephew

Terms not disclosed


Biomet’s bracing business


Terms not disclosed



2IL Orthopaedics



Vertiflex certain non-core spinal assets

Stryker Spine

Terms not disclosed


System for mixing/injection of bone cement


Terms not disclosed


Biomedical Structures (merged with)

Modified Polymer Components

Terms not disclosed







3D Systems





Terms not disclosed


BioMimetic Therapeutics

Wright Medical

Cash and stock


Eleven Blade Solutions




Please note that the following transactions, though announced in 2013, are slated for completion in 1Q14:



Acquired by



Wright Medical’s OrthoRecon business

MicroPort Orthopedics







Fundings identified during 2H13 included:

Active Implants closed 1st tranche of $8.7MM in new funding of total $26MM commitment

  • To support multi-center trial of NUsurface meniscus implant and randomized clinical trial


Amedica filed to raise up to $35MM in IPO

  • Posted $23MM in sales for 12 months ended 6/13
  • Plans to list on NASDAQ as AMDA


ApiFix closed 2nd financing round of several million dollars

  • Developed minimally invasive procedure to treat deformities using a smart implant with only 2 screws


Aurora Spine completed IPO of ~5.1MM common shares for total gross proceeds of ~$3.6MM

  • Proceeds primarily support development, testing and launch of 2nd lumbar fusion device


Avenir Medical closed $3.3MM Series A financing

  • Will support clinical and commercialization efforts in North America/Europe for PelvAssist intelligent instrument system for use in hip replacement; technology will also be applied to knee replacement


CartiHeal raised $5MM in funding

  • Will support ongoing postmarket clinical study of Agili-C cartilage regeneration implant in Europe


Cartiva secured $4.3MM in financing

  • To support MOTION study comparing Synthetic Cartilage Implant to fusion to treat osteoarthritis of 1st metatarsophalangeal joint of great toe


ConforMIS raised $168MM in Series E funding

  • Devices offer a patient-specific approach to knee replacement


Conventus Orthopaedics raised $17.9MM of a planned $24.58MM funding round

  • Developed an expandable, Nitinol-based distal radial fracture treatment


Cytomedix raised $3MM through offering of debt and options

  • Commercializing cell-based therapies for use in orthopaedic and wound care applications


DGIMED ORTHO raised $0.8MM of a planned $2.2MM funding round

  • Developed DISTALOCK Intramedullary Nail and Drill


Innovative Surgical raised $1MM of a planned $6MM round of funding

  • Launching True Spinal Fixation System in U.S., Altum Pedicle Osteotomy System in key markets worldwide


Intellirod Spine receiving $1.6MM loan from Ohio Third Frontier Commission

  • Will support commercialization of post-lumbar spinal fusion device


JRI Orthopaedics and Surgical Innovations allocated ~£0.4MM (~US $0.6MM) from U.K. government

  • Studying minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment of early-stage hip osteoarthritis


LDR priced IPO of 5MM shares of common stock at $15.00/share

  • Trading on NASDAQ as LDRH
  • Primary products based on VerteBRIDGE fusion and Mobi non-fusion platforms


MedShape secured $11MM in new financing

  • Will support pipeline development, including launch of Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor shape memory soft tissue fixation device


Minimus Spine secured $1.75MM funding from State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund

  • Will support commercialization of TrioJection syringe cartridge, non-surgical treatment for lumbar disc herniation


MinInvasive Orthopedic Solutions closed funding round of several million dollars

  • Will support development of minimally invasive OmniCuff stapler for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair


Nextremity Solutions closed $10MM private placement transaction

  • Will accelerate growth of its existing and pipeline products to treat small bone deformity, degeneration, trauma


OrthoSensor closed Series B2 financing round (total Series B financing $48MM)

  • Will support growth of VERASENSE data collection device plus additional R&D, marketing and sales initiatives


OssDsign (formerly Oss-Q) closed SEK 13.7MM (~US $2.1MM) financing round

  • To support clinical trial of Cranio PSI implant for skull reconstruction


Palmaz Scientific raised $26.3MM of planned $30MM funding round

  • Developing metallurgical implant surface nanotechnologies


Renovis Surgical raised $5.3MM in a funding round

  • Markets implants for orthopaedics, spine and trauma


Soft Tissue Regeneration raised $4.7MM of potential $5.5MM in funding

  • Developing L-C Ligament bioresorbable scaffold for regeneration of ACL


SpinalMotion raised $25.5MM

  • Seeking Premarket Approval for Kineflex cervical discs


SpineForm received 4-year, $1.6MM grant from FDA

  • Supporting Phase II study of HemiBridge system for treatment of idiopathic scoliosis


TiGenix raised a total of €28.5MM (~US $38MM) throughout the year

  • Markets stem cell-based technologies for cartilage repair, etc.


Tissue Regeneration Systems raised $4.6MM in equity financing

  • To support operations, R&D, etc.; developing resorbable scaffold designed to support weight-bearing bone in face and jaw


Trice Orthopedics raised $3MM in bridge loan financing

  • Will fund planned 1Q14 510(k) submission and commercialization in mid-2014
  • Developing Needle Based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies for use in arthroscopic applications


Tyber Medical closed initial private equity funding round for undisclosed sum

  • Will support market penetration of TyPEEK titanium plasma-sprayed interbody fusion portfolio, development of additional trauma, extremity and spinal products


Vention Medical raised $1.92MM in a funding round

  • Contract device manufacturer of medical balloons (kyphoplasty, carpal tunnel dilation, etc.)


VertiFlex raised $4MM in a funding round

  • Developer of minimally invasive treatments for lumbar spinal stenosis


ViVex Biomedical raised $2.2MM of a planned $5.5MM funding and an additional $7.4MM

  • Developed mimetic surface for use in spinal fusion implants, licensed Marrow Isolated Adult Multi-lineage Inducible (MIAMI) stem cells to treat musculoskeletal injuries, trauma, etc.
  • Seeks to have products to market by early 2014


Zyga Technology raised $10MM from sales of equity and preferred stock

  • To support general business purposes; developed Glyder facet resurfacing system for treatment of chronic back pain, markets SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System


First Orthopaedic 510(k) Clearances obtained in 2H13 included:

Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue:

Anchor Innovation
AIM Suture Anchor, K132461

  • PEEK anchor with UHMWPe suture for reconstruction of hallux valgus, midfoot, scapholunate ligament and ulnar or lateral collateral ligament


Arthroscopy Pump Tube Sets, K132883

  • Intended for use in conjunction with FMS/Depuy Mitek arthroscopic pump systems to deliver both irrigation fluid to/from the pump and to/from the operative site


Fracture Repair:

Advanced Interventional Technology
ARS and SLANT Screws, K130954

  • Titanium alloy screws for fragment fixation in small/long bones, arthrodesis in hand/foot, mono or bicortical osteotomy in hand/foot, etc.


Beijing Libeier BioEngineering Institute
Locking Plate, K132642

  • Titanium plates for fixation in ulna, radius, humerus, femur, tibia, fibula


Icon Orthopaedic Concepts (dba Edge Orthopaedics)
Bite Compression Screw, K132893

  • Sterile titanium self-drilling/self-tapping screws for use in bone reconstruction, osteotomy, arthrodesis, fracture repair, etc.


Jiangsu Ideal Medical Science & Technology
Ideal Intramedullary Rod, K132428

  • Company also manufactures range of plates, screws, cables, etc. for upper and lower extremities and spine


Self-Compressive Screw, K131471

  • Titanium alloy device for fixation of fractures and bone reconstruction in the forefoot


Tianjin Walkman Biomaterial
Metallic Locking Compression Bone Plates, K131759

  • Titanium plates for fixation of fractures in ulna, radius, humerus, femur, tibia


Toby Orthopaedics
Wolf Long Bone Plate System, K131834

  • Titanium alloy bone plates and fasteners for repair of fractures, osteotomies and nonunions of upper extremity diaphysis
  • Design allows surgeon to choose staggered screw fixation mounted non-perpendicular to the plate, two divergent screws per hole or a peg rather than a screw



Bone Void Filler Lite, K131133

  • Moldable, self-setting, resorbable, biocompatible calcium phosphate bone void filler



Altus Spine
Pedicle Screw System, K132280

  • Titanium alloy implantable screws for use with implantable rods to support spinal fusion


Aurora Spine
ZIP MIS Interspinous Fusion System, K133091

  • Titanium alloy posterior non-pedicle supplemental fixation device intended for use with bone graft material at a single level in non-cervical spine


Nexus Anterior Cervical Plate, K131520

  • Previously cleared as the Rex Anterior Cervical Plate (K121862) from DIO Medical, a Korean company


Crosstrees Medical
PVA Pod, K130089

  • Shaft assembly for delivery of PMMA cement to fabric barrier in the treatment of pathologic vertebral compression fractures
  • Intended for use in combination with Crosstrees Fortibrae Bone Cement when delivered by Crosstrees CDrive Bone Filler Delivery System


Innovative Surgical
True Spinal Fixation System, K130958

  • Titanium alloy implants for posterior, noncervical pedicle fixation for immobilization and stabilization as an adjunct to fusion; for dual rod use only


Integrity Spine
Spine Core System, K132718

  • PEEK components with tantalum markers for cervical interbody fusion, may be implanted as a single device via anterior approach
  • For use with supplemental fixation and autograft


JG Spine
Surefix Interspinous Fusion System, K124014

  • Titanium alloy posterior non-pedicle supplemental fixation devices
  • Intended for use with bone graft material, not for stand-alone use


Mikron Makina
Spinal Fixation System, K130073

  • Polyaxial pedicle screws, set screws, longitudinal rods, etc.
  • Contract manufacturer in Turkey, supplying spinal products since 2006


Parallax Balloon Inflatable Bone Tamp, K122503

  • Acquired technology from ArthroCare in 2011


Next Orthosurgical
Interform Interbody Cage, K131082

  • PEEK cage, used with supplemental fixation and autogenous bone graft
  • Configurations for PLIF, TLIF, OTLIF, LLIF and ALIF


Osseus Fusion Systems
Black Diamond Pedicle Screw, K131810

  • Titanium top-loading multiple component posterior spinal fixation system (screws, rods, crosslinks)


Shanghai Sanyou Medical
Katia Intervertebral Body System, K131512

  • Titanium alloy system for anterior interbody screw fixation during cervical fusion


Tyber Medical
Interbody System: ACIF, ALIF, PLIF, TLIF, DLIF, K130573

  • PEEK Optima or PEEK with plasma-sprayed titanium coated implants, “toothed” exterior superior and inferior surfaces


Product Launches in 2013 included:

Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue:

BioMedical Enterprises: Speed Zero-Torque™ tool for implant insertion in foot/ankle

Ceterix Orthopaedics: U.S. launch of NovoStitch suture passer

DJO Global: Empi Phoenix electrical stimulator for treatment of muscle atrophy before and after total knee replacement or ACL repair

LifeNet Health: Allograft GraftLink pre-sutured tendon for use in Arthrex’s GraftLink All-Inside ACL Reconstruction procedure

Mitek Sports Medicine: RIGIDFIX Curve Cross Pin for use with the anteromedial portal approach for ACL reconstruction; RIGIDLOOP Cortical Fixation System; HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS suture anchor for rotator cuff repair; MILAGRO Advance Interference Screw

OligoMedic: injectable JointRep bioadhesive implant for the treatment of cartilage articular joint defects

Parametrics Medical: Coll-e-Strong soft tissue allografts

QuadVantage: Quadriceps Tendon Graft Harvest System

Smith & Nephew: U.S. launch of HEALICOIL REGENESORB Suture Anchor

Stryker: ICONIX all-suture anchor platform with IntelliBraid technology



OrthoSensor: European launch of VERASENSE Knee


Fracture Repair:

BioMedical Enterprises: U.S. launch of Speed Shift Continuous Active Compression System

Biomet: ePAK pre-sterilized single-use delivery system with DVR Crosslock implants and instrumentation for distal radius fractures

DePuy Synthes CMF: MatrixRIB Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis instrumentation

DePuy Synthes Trauma: Radial Head Prosthesis for primary and revision procedures

Flower Orthopedics: FlowerCube standardized bone fixation system

Instratek: U.S. launch of Mini Cannulated Titanium Headed and Headless Screws in 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm diameters

Integra LifeSciences: U.S. launch of Integra Proximal Humeral Fracture Plate; Integra Total Foot System 2

MedShape: 10mm version of NiTiNOL-based DynaNail Ankle Arthrodesis Nail

Metric Medical Devices: U.S. launch of Super Staple Classic

Orthofix: EMEA launch of Contours Proximal Humeral Plate

Orthopaedic Implant Company: Proximal Humerus and Distal Radius Plates; Clavicle Plate Solution

RTI Surgical: full market launch of the Tritium Sternal Cable Plating System

Shoulder Options: limited release of AFT Proximal Humerus Fracture Plate

Smith & Nephew: Modular Rail System for external fixation and correction of bone deformities, malunions, non-unions, limb length discrepancies

Solana Surgical: FuseFORCE SuperElastic Fixation System

Sonoma Orthopedic Products: VELOX procedure for treatment of clavicle fractures using the Sonoma CRx clavicle nail

Stryker: global launch of Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF

Z-Medical: indication-specific kits comprising implants and disposable instruments, including a complete range of compression screws and staples for hand/wrist and foot/ankle



Aesculap: Hi-Line XXS minimally invasive microsurgical handpiece for spinal surgery

Baxano Surgical: iO-Tome disposable facetectomy instrument

ECA Medical Instruments: Torque Fast disposable instruments for trauma, craniomaxillofacial, small bone/extremity, spine and general reconstruction procedures

Instratek: U.S. launch of the Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy Disposable system

Invuity: Eigr Saber Waveguide with Yankauer suction for general and trauma orthopaedic surgeries

Medtronic: European launch of ReDuX Plier for pedicle substraction osteotomy

SpineGuard: XS Classic PediGuard and XS Curved PediGuard


Joint Replacement/Reconstruction:

Arthrex: U.S. launch of Univers Revers Shoulder Arthroplasty System

DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction: global launch of GLOBAL UNITE shoulder arthroplasty system; ATTUNE knee replacement

DJO Global: e+ blended vitamin E polyethylene technology in Turon Modular Shoulder and Movation Total Knees

Moirai Orthopaedics: Pyrocarbon Implant Replacement System for focal chondral and osteochondral defects of the medial femoral condyle of the knee

Sensortech: Force Check Knee Replacement Smart Insert to aid in ligament balancing

Wright Medical: U.S. launch of the ORTHOLOC 3Di Ankle Fusion system

Zimmer: Trabecular Metal total ankle replacement and instrument set; U.S. launch of Patient Specific Instruments (PSI) Shoulder; Persona personalized system for total knee replacement



Advanced Biologics: graft delivery device with vented membrane to facilitate handling of OsteoAMP Allogeneic Morphogenetic Protein products

BonAlive Biomaterials: ready-to-use, moldable version of BonAlive osteostimulative bioactive glass

BONESUPPORT: CERAMENT|G injectable antibiotic-eluting ceramic bone graft substitute

CellRight Technologies: processing of Matrix OI family of osteoinductive pliable human collagen matrix

Graftys: European launch of Strucsure CP injectable, macroporous bone graft substitute

Invibio Biomaterial Solutions: global launch of PEEK-OPTIMA Hydroxyapatite Enhanced Polymer

Orthofix/Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation: Trinity ELITE™ Allograft with Viable Cells and VersaShield Amniotic Membrane tissue forms

OsteoMed: OsteoVation QWIK calcium phosphate/calcium sulfate granules

Tides Medical: Trefoil Biologics suite of bone grafts, demineralized bone matrix, amniotic injectable and patch formats, etc.

Zimmer: U.S. launch of Gel-One Cross-linked Hyaluronate


Soft Goods/Bracing:

Breg: T Scope Hip Brace; T Scope Premier next-gen post-op knee brace, Carlsbad Cervical Collar, Ultra CTS Ankle Brace, Achilles Wedges

DJO Global: Aircast AirSelect walking boots; Exos Rapid Splint; Exos FORM Spine Bracing system



Aesculap Implant Systems: CeSpace XP Interbody System; PL-AGE plate/cage system; Quintex Anterior Cervical Plate

Amedica: Valeo II Silicon Nitride Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device

Atlas Spine: Apelo MIS Pedicle Screw

AxioMed Spine: Europe launch of Freedom Cervical Disc

Baxano Surgical: iO-Tome disposable facetectomy instrument

ChoiceSpine: TYPHOON Facet Screw Fixation System

DePuy Synthes Spine: SYNFLATE Vertebral Balloon

DFINE: StabiliT ERX Bone Cement

FBC Device: Canada and Europe launch of Statur-L spinal fusion device

Globus Medical: CREO next generation pedicle screw; FORTIFY I expandable corpectomy spacer; LATIS minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion spacer

Integra LifeSciences: Enhanced Strength and Stiffness rod (ESS+) for treatment of spinal deformity; Hollywood VI device primarily used in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion

joimax: EndoLIF system for endoscopic stabilization of the lumbar spine

K2M: France launch of MESA Deformity Spinal System; Australia/Europe/New Zealand launch of MESA Small Stature Spinal System; global launch of SANTORINI Small Corpectomy Cage; VENADO bone graft Foam Strip and Granules; VESUVIUS Demineralized Bone Matrix Putty

Kimberly-Clark: CERVICOOL Cooled Radiofrequency System for treatment of cervical facet joint pain

Lanx (prior to acquisition): ALTA Stand-Alone ACDF system; TIMBERLINE MPF modular anchored plate

Life Spine: limited release of CENTRIC Lateral Retractor and PLATEAU-X Lateral Spacer

Medical Designs: U.S. launch of SAMBA minimally invasive screw for treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Medtronic: global launch of CD HORIZON SOLERA Spinal System Sagittal Adjusting Screw; OLIF51 (Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion); Europe launch of Compact CORNERSTONE-SR Alliance cage; global launch of the MAST ALIGNED procedure for multi-level spinal fusion; U.S. launch of line extensions to VERTEX SELECT Reconstruction System

Nexxt Spine: FACET FIXX Screw systems for transfacet pedicular and translaminar facet fixation

NuVasive: U.S. launch of ALIF ACR (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion - Anterior Column Realignment) device; global launch of MAS PLIF (Maximum Access Surgery Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion); Japan launch of Precept posterior fixation system; U.S. launch of XLIF Decade Plate

Orthofix: CONSTRUX Mini PEEK Titanium Composite (PTC) Spacer

Osseon: Osseoflex CD-H hydraulic cement system

Precision Spine: Slimplicity SOLO Anterior Cervical Uni-Plate; ShurFit Lordotic Oblique T-PLIF Interbody Cage; VAULT-C ACDF standalone and Facet Screw systems

Premia Spine: TOPS system for treatment of spondylolisthesis and lumbar spinal stenosis (available in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Israel, Switzerland and Turkey)

Pioneer Surgical (prior to acquisition): Streamline MIS Spinal Fixation System

Southern Spine: StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System

SpineFrontier: PedFuse REmind pedicle screw

SpineVision: prebent Flex+2 rods

Stryker: ES2 Spinal System for 1-step percutaneous placement of screw and retractor during MIS procedures

Thompson MIS: expanded BoneBac MIS Interbody Fusion system with Transforaminal and Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion designs

ulrich medical USA: U.S. launches of flamenco Universal Spinal Fixation System, rectangular lateral endplates for obelisc Vertebral Body Replacement system, uCerv interbody system

Vertebral Technologies: Canada launch of InterFuse T

Vexim: Europe launch of Interface 1 biomaterial for use with SpineJack

VG Innovations: SiJoin dual geometric cortical allograft implant for sacroiliac joint fusion

Wenzel Spine: U.S. and Europe launch of VariLift-C Stand-Alone Zero-Profile Expandable Cervical Interbody Fusion Device

X-spine: AXLE-X extended angle interspinous fixation system; IRIX-C cervical integrated interbody fusion system; SILEX system for sacroiliac joint fusion

Zimmer: V2F Anterior Fixation System; DTO 5.5 System implants and instruments to connect Dynesys with Sequoia Pedicle Screw and Instinct Java Spinal Fixation systems


Sources: Company press releases, earnings calls, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, company web sites, articles in the public domain, etc.