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Quarterly Review

3Q13 Revenue: DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson

$2,283MM, +1% (U.S. $1,232MM, -1%, ex-U.S. $1,051MM, +3%)

  • Hips +6% (U.S. +7%, ex-U.S. +4%)
  • Knees +3% (U.S. +3%, ex-U.S. +3%)
  • Trauma +1% (U.S. flat, ex-U.S. +2%)
  • Spine -2% (U.S. -10%, ex-U.S. +9%)


  • Believes that joint replacement segment at least maintained momentum if not picked up in 3Q
  • U.S. hip growth driven by primary stems, partially offset by price pressure; ex-U.S. growth driven by heads and acetabular products
  • Claims market share growth in hips
  • Global knees supported by ATTUNE fixed bearing knee launch and revision products, offset by lower sales of rotating platforms, price pressure in the U.S.
  • Planning launch of REACH knee instruments for Sigma fixed bearing knee in China and India during 2013
  • U.S. trauma affected by low-cost competition
  • Received license for domestic manufacture of 4 classes of trauma products in China, launching in 2014
  • U.S. spine affected by price pressure, market conditions, Synthes integration; ex-U.S. experienced strong growth in Latin America, Asia-Pacific
  • Expanding collaboration with AO Foundation to support neuro/trauma course in Beijing and Shanghai, 1st joint recon course in China launching in November
  • Co-launched Care4Today Orthopedic Solutions to reduce length of stay for joint replacement patients via education, home recovery support, change management for hospitals, etc.
  • Formed account management group to create single contact point for ortho/neuro customers
  • U.S. pricing: hips -3% with positive mix 1.5%, net -1.5%; knees -1.5%, mix =1%; spine -4%, mix -0.5%, net -4.5%
  • CAGR forecasts to 2017: overall global orthopaedic market 2%-4%: hips/knees 2%-4%, spine 0%-2%, trauma 3%-5%, sportsmed 5%-7%