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Year in Review

2014 Revenue: Tornier

4Q14 revenue: $92.4MM, +14% (U.S. $53.7MM, +12%; ex-U.S. $38.6MM, +17%)

Total Extremities $76.9MM, +16%

  • Upper $57.5MM, +22%
  • Lower $15.9MM, -1% (Ankle arthroplasty >20%)
  • Sports Med/Biologics $3.6MM, +1%
  • Large Joints/Other $15.4MM, +8%


Growth led by Aequalis Ascend shoulder replacement, while above-market sales of ankle arthritis systems more than offset by low sales of core foot trauma products

Sales reps successful in leveraging shoulder platform differentiation in combination with specialized training to convert shoulder specialists, as well as orthopaedic generalists

3rd consecutive quarter of above-plan reverse shoulder cases in Japan

Large joints benefitting from minimally invasive instrumentation launched in late 2013, partially offset by slight decline in knees and new pricing policies in France


2014 revenue: of $345.0MM, +11% (U.S. $199.2MM, +9%; ex-U.S. $145.6MM, +14%)

Total Extremities $286.7MM, +12%

  • Upper $213.3MM, +16%
  • Lower $59.2MM, +1%
  • Sports Med/Biologics $14.1MM, -4%
  • Large Joints/Other $58.2MM, +10%


Ended year with ~350 U.S. reps, including 170 direct reps


U.S. Simpliciti Shoulder update:

  • Filed for 510(k) clearance in late December; received clearance on March 4
  • Ultra-short stem total shoulder platform reported to have market opportunity between $200-$250MM, addressing total and hemi arthroplasty and humeral head resurfacing
  • Feedback from ex-U.S. surgeons still positive: shorter procedures, less trauma, lower blood loss, reduced inventory and capital costs vs. standard total shoulder
  • Will draw patients from existing surgical candidates plus those seeking early intervention/less invasive procedure
  • Estimates ultra-short stems to penetrate up to 25% of U.S. shoulder market by 2019


BLUEPRINT computer-aided surgical planning/glenoid replacement tool update:

  • Since limited ex-U.S. launch in late 2014, utilized in growing numbers
  • Will demonstrate at AAOS 2015
  • Planning to leverage as conversion tool