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Quarterly Review

1Q14 Revenue: Wright Medical

$71.1MM, +26% (U.S. $48.9MM, +14%; ex-U.S. $22.1MM, +63%)

  • Foot/Ankle $46MM, +31% (Total Ankle +38%) (U.S. $33.1MM, +19%; ex-U.S. $12.8MM, +74%)
  • Upper Extremity $6.4MM, +7% (U.S. $3.6MM, -11%; ex-U.S. $2.8MM, +45%)
  • Biologics $15.6MM, +16% (U.S. $11.1MM, +7%; ex-U.S. $4.4MM, +47%)
  • Other $2.9MM, +92% (U.S. $1.0MM, +138%; ex-U.S. $1.9MM, +74%)


  • Completed combination of U.S. salesforces, including OrthoPro and Solana (added ~50 direct reps)
  • Biologics growth driven by new sales channels in China, continued strength in Australia, plus expanded claim for Proteus line
  • U.S. upper extremities the most disrupted by MicroPort transition, will likely see declines throughout 2014
  • Noted some cannibalization of PRO-TOE with OrthoPro cannulated designs, not major at this time
  • Launching >20 new products in 2014, including late 2Q launch of INFINITY Total Ankle
  • Submitted Augment PMA amendment in 2Q