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Quarterly Review

1Q14 Revenue: Smith & Nephew

$758MM, +1% (U.S. $340MM, -2%; Other Established Markets $310MM, flat; Emerging/International $108MM, +13%)

  • Hips $165MM, flat (+1% excluding BIRMINGHAM Hip; U.S. flat, ex-U.S. flat)
  • Knees $219MM, flat (U.S. -1%, ex-U.S. +2%)
  • Sports Medicine Joint Repair $124MM, +5%
  • Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies $108MM, -2%
  • Trauma/Extremities $124MM, -1%
  • Other ASD $18MM, +23%


  • Announced intention to acquire ArthroCare
  • Claims more bundling power than other ortho companies due to wound, sports medicine, etc. lines
  • Commenced U.S. launch of POLARSTEM cementless for total hip, and T.V. campaign for VERILAST bearing surface
  • JOURNEY II BCS Knee building sales momentum, but core knees down sequentially
  • Launched cruciate-retaining option for JOURNEY, as well as TFCC FAST-FIX kit for wrist surgeons and DYONICS PLAN Hip Impingement Planning System (2Q)
  • Where more U.S. Extremities reps were added, noted double-digit growth
  • Recall activity in Australia not repeated in any other countries