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Quarterly Review

1Q14 Revenue: LDR

$31.1MM, +20% (U.S. $23.2MM, +25%; ex-U.S. $7.9MM, +9%)

Exclusive Technology $26.5MM, +27%

  • Cervical $17.7MM, +34%
  • Lumbar $8.8MM, +15%

Traditional Fusion $4.6MM, -8%


  • Exclusive Technology growth supported by U.S. availability of Mobi-C; 1,000 U.S. surgeons trained from mid-3Q13 to end of 1Q14
  • Avenue-L lateral VerteBRIDGE product demonstrating strong U.S. growth
  • Promoting 3 products in 1 sales call: ROI-C (cervical), Avenue-L and ROI-A (anterior lumbar)
  • United Healthcare updated policy in the U.S. to include positive coverage for 1- and 2-level cervical disc replacement, effective 5/1/14
  • Expecting cervical disc market to become largest segment growth opportunity in spine for next 3 to 5 years
  • To date, >200 U.S. sales agencies and 60 employees in U.S. sales; will continue to grow
  • Opened office in Hong Kong to support recent Exclusive Technology regulatory approvals in China and Australia