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Quarterly Review

1Q13 Revenue: TranS1

$3.1MM, -18% (U.S. $2.6MM, -26%; ex-U.S. $0.5MM, +80%; VEO $0.57MM, +90%; AxiaLIF $1.9MM)

  • In 2Q, completed acquisition of Baxano; merged entity now known as Baxano Surgical
  • Baxano focuses on decompression and facetectomy; reported 1Q revenue of ~$3MM
  • Combined 1Q revenue $6.1MM, +10% vs. 1Q12 (Combined 2012 revenue ~$24MM)
  • Sales team cross-training to complete by end of 2Q; combined 2 sales teams of 48 direct reps into 1 team of ~35 direct
  • Completed 169 AxiaLIF procedures (133 in U.S.), 54 VEO cases
  • Of AxiaLIF sales, 58% represented 1-level, 42% 2-level
  • Tentatively agreed to settle Department of Justice Federal investigation for $6MM
  • Plans to launch iO-Tome in 4Q