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Quarterly Review

1Q13 Revenue: Medtronic

For fiscal year 2013 ended 4/26/13

$3,131MM, -3% (U.S. $2,190MM, -5%; ex-U.S. $941MM, +1%)

  • Core Spine $2,603MM, flat (U.S. $1,722MM, flat; ex-U.S. $881MM, +1%)
  • BMP $528MM, -15% (U.S. $468MM, -17%; ex-U.S. $60MM, flat)

FY4Q13 revenue: $811MM, flat (U.S. $559MM, flat; ex-U.S. $252MM, -1%)

  • Core Spine $671MM, flat (U.S. $437MM, +1% ex-U.S. $234MM, -2%)
  • BMP $140MM, -1% (U.S. $122MM, -3%; ex-U.S. $18MM, +13%)

Excluding balloon kyphoplasty, Core Spine grew +2% worldwide, +3% U.S.


  • Results of Yale’s systematic review of Infuse due in June
  • Kanghui business grew +20% (pro forma) in FY4Q