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Quarterly Review

1Q13 Revenue: MAKO Surgical

$24.8MM, +26%

  • Procedures $14.8MM, +28%
  • Systems $6.5MM, +11% (Ex-U.S. ~1.5MM)
  • Service $3.4MM, +57%


  • 5 RIO systems sold (total worldwide 161, domestic 156 commercially installed)
  • 6 MAKOplasty Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) applications sold
  • 63% of worldwide commercial installed base is THA-enabled
  • 2,988 MAKOplasty procedures performed (2,861 domestic; 467 THA), +30%
  • Acquired Stanmore Implants’ robotic assets and IP, plus Stanmore’s agreement to withdraw from robotics, in settlement agreement following legal actions
  • 70 clinical studies ongoing to support knee and hip procedures
  • In study of MAKOplasty Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA) vs. Biomet’s Oxford UKA, Oxford patients took 8 weeks to reach lower pain levels reported by MAKO patients at 6 days; >70% of MAKOplasty components placed within 2 degrees of error vs. 15% of Oxford
  • Trial enrollment is complete at 139 patients, will track for 10 years
  • Claiming 17% of U.S. UKA market
  • Medical device tax just under $0.5MM in the quarter