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Quarterly Review

1Q13 Revenue: Exactech

$59.3MM, +2% (U.S. $39MM, +6%; ex-U.S. $20.3MM, -5%)

  • Hips $10.4MM, -5%
  • Knees $20.5MM, -4%
  • Biologic/Spine $6.1MM, -2%
  • Extremities $15.7MM, +21%
  • Other $6.6MM, -7%


  • U.S. sales buoyed by shoulder products
  • Some softness in Latin America stocking distributor business
  • Existing U.S. hip customer base flat; ~20% of existing U.S. knee customer base down in double digits in terms of units used
  • Will launch InteGrip Cup System in 2Q (vs. previous reports of 3Q)
  • Planning a pilot on resurfacing shoulder product in 3Q
  • Octane interbody system launch moved from 1Q to 2Q
  • Medical device tax ~$0.4MM in the quarter