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Knee Replacement Innovation Led by Materials, Design and Computer-Assisted Surgical Improvements

Dr. Bob Poggie reflects on trends in materials to increase durability of articulation and reliability of implant fixation; design solutions to improve kinematics; computer-driven advances in design and manufacturing and surgical tools to increase accuracy, reliability and efficiency of procedures.

AAOS Preview: First-Time Exhibitors, New Offerings on the Exhibit Floor

Each year, I invest a few hours studying the AAOS exhibitor list because I’m genuinely interested to know who is participating. Without fail, a few companies will spark my interest because they’re new to me, or because I don’t recall having dug into what they do. Here are 10 companies that have never exhibited at AAOS before…perhaps they are your newest competitor, acquisition target, provider or customer.

Considerations for Expanding in the Japanese Orthopaedic Market

Companies often treat the Japanese market as an afterthought—after they’re established in the U.S. and Europe, they’ll decide what it takes to enter Japan. But as the U.S. market shifts to value-based care and as hospitals consolidate suppliers, and as the EU implements the stricter Medical Device Regulation, the Japanese market may look more attractive.

3 Things to Know about the Japanese Market

What is the size of the Japanese orthopaedic market and its subsegments? What market forces should companies consider in 2019? What are the orthopaedic technology buzzwords in Japan today?

Foot and Ankle Implant Opportunities Lie in Design, Technique Improvements

The world of foot and ankle is vibrant and full of opportunity to solve real problems. Honesty in implant “improvement” must take place at the design stage. Foot and ankle has the trifecta of implants. Depending on the case, I need hardware, soft tissue reconstruction and a biologic enhancer. This is unique in orthopaedics, and the company that wins recognizes the problem to be solved in its totality and not just a piecemeal approach.

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