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Spine Companies $100MM to $2BB: Strategic Activity Update

The majority of the spine market—just about 80%—is controlled by companies with annual spine revenue above $100 million. See a detailed breakdown of the top ten.

Spine Sales Projections: Leading 10 Players

Downloadable resource on top players in spine.

NuVasive Founder Talks Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) products are a staple of today’s spine company portfolios. In anticipation of new devices to be launched at the NASS Annual Meeting, we asked James F. Marino, M.D., a thought leader in MIS and founder of companies NuVasive and Trinity Orthopedics, about the technologies.

China: Do You Need to Revamp Your Customer Channel?

An effective and efficient pathway to customers is important everywhere in orthopaedics, but perhaps nowhere is it more critical and complex than in China as the country moves to a Two Invoice policy. Manufacturers must prepare to eliminate the number of "layers" in their distribution channel.

Orthopaedic Supplier M&A Boosted by Private Equity Backing

Supplier companies have been involved in 17 of the 33 mergers and acquisitions that have closed in the orthopaedic space as of August 15, according to our tracking of activity. This activity comes in direct response to device company consolidation.

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