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Suppliers Stress Customer Involvement in Strategic and Process Improvement Decisions

Listen to medical device CEOs provide perspective on global expansion, outsourcing and selecting partners. Three of the larger suppliers to orthopaedic device companies spoke on the importa...

Emerging Technologies in Fracture Repair: Meet the Players

The fracture repair market stands to remain one of the stronger orthopaedic segments over the next five years based upon its reach across all demographics. A closer look at notable technologies rec...

2Q14 Revenue: Bacterin

$8.9MM, +8% Estimates 2014 U.S. knee and ankle microfracture procedures of ~410,000; shows promise for distribution channel Claims 6.5% U.S. market share in DBM behind Medtronic, DePu...

2Q14 Revenue: Tornier

$86.8MM, +10% (U.S. $48.8MM, +7%; ex-U.S. $38.0MM, +13%) Total Extremities $71.9MM, +9% Upper $53.8MM, +11% Lower $14.4MM, +4% Sports Med/Biologics $3.6MM, -6% Large J...

2Q14 Revenue: Amedica

$5.8MM, -4% (U.S. $5.8MM, -4%; ex-U.S. $0.02MM, -4%) Silicon Nitride (SiN) Products $2.7MM, +51% Non-SiN $3.1MM, -27%   SiN growth attributed to increased adoption ...

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