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Company Revenue 2015: Tornier

2Q15: $83.2MM, +4.0% (U.S. $50.1MM, +2.6%; ex-U.S. $33.1MM, +5.7%) Total Extremities $71.7MM, +6.0% Upper $56.5MM, +11.9% Lower $11.9MM, -13.8% Sports Med/Biologics $3...

CMS Proposes Mandatory Joint Recon Bundled Payments

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a mandatory bundled payment model that, once passed, could impact joint reconstruction implant pricing.

The Consolidation Climate: What Trends Prevail?

Through the first half of 2015, the number of merger and acquisition transactions closed has kept pace with the amount of deals that took place during the same time periods in the previous two years. Specifically, 37 transactions closed in 2014; through July 15, 2015, 24 have closed or are expected to close this year.

International and Domestic Manufacturers Compete to Serve Growing Asian Population

Orthopaedics remains an attractive and growing market, especially in Asia. Multiple factors, including demographics and penetration by international companies, contribute to the growth of the orthopaedic market in this region.

Company Revenue 2015: SpineGuard

2Q15 revenue: €1.4MM (~$1.6MM), +35% (as reported) (France +42%) 1H15 revenue: €2.9MM (~$3.3MM), +21% (U.S. ~$2.5MM, +23%; ex-U.S. ~$0.7MM, +14%; France +42%   1H15 highl...

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