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Seizing New Market Opportunities through Distribution

A shifting healthcare landscape in the U.S. presents opportunities for early-stage companies, who can use these tips to set up proper marketing and distribution channels right from the start.

China's Directives Set to Reshape Orthopaedic Market

The Chinese government has prioritized medical device development, as well as local and international investments by domestic device companies. Whether you’re a leader in the Chinese market or thinking of entering, it’s important to understand the trends and government initiatives shaping the country’s orthopaedic industry.

2016 Funding Recap

ORTHOWORLD reported 35 funding announcements for the first 11 months of 2016. Of this year’s recipients, seven companies also received funding last year: Aurora Spine, Bone Biologics, Medicrea, ...

The Forgotten Phase of M&A: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

The primary responsibility of the supply chain team post-M&A is the assurance of uninterrupted upstream and downstream product supply. These essential steps will assist you in identifying supply chain risk and developing a plan to minimize that risk.

Year in Review: First 510(k)s in 2016

Every month, we examine FDA’s 510(k) database to learn about products heading to market and the companies that intend to bring them there. Here, we’ve captured highlights from that wo...

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