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3Q Revenue: Ossur

Bracing & Supports $70.1MM, +19% Sales showing good growth in all major Asia and EMEA markets, but headwinds continue in Americas due to product rationalization, focus on high-end produ...

3Q14 Revenue: CONMED

$92.8MM, -3% U.S. SportsMed -9% due to reduced procedure-specific and resection sales, plus previous discontinuation of PRP products U.S. Powered Instruments +1% (Capital handpieces +...

3Q Revenue: Zimmer

$1,106MM, +3% (Americas $638MM, +1%; Europe $271MM, +6%; Asia Pacific $197MM, +7%) Reconstructive $824MM, +5% (Americas $469MM, +3%; Europe $210MM, +6%; Asia Pacific $145MM, +7%) Hips $...

Private Label Products May Fill Portfolio Gaps

Rarely does one company have the resources necessary to produce all of the products required to satiate the diverse demands of healthcare providers. Private labeling is one outsourcing tool for potential to meet customer needs.

Voice of Industry: Success in all Sizes

Don Kennedy was kind enough to lend four decades of experience in the orthopaedic industry to fellow ORTHOWORLD Members. He provided several business tenets that all orthopaedic professionals in companies, big or small, can live by.

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