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Spine Matrix: Nucleus Replacement Technologies

In nucleus replacement, the nucleus (center of the disc) is removed and replaced with an implant while the annulus (outer part of the disc) is maintained. Nucleus replacement could serve as a less ...

Spine Surgeons Share Their Needs and Challenges

Cost, long-term results and clinical evidence remain at the top of surgeons’ lists when choosing which spinal device to use. In anticipation of spine companies and surgeons meeting at NASS this November, ORTHOKNOW queried surgeons about the trends that excite them, the challenges they face and what they want device manufacturers to know.

Surgeon Charges Spine Companies to Make These Product Improvements

During his OMTEC® 2014 Keynote, Robert S. Bray, Jr., M.D., charged spine companies to make improvements in the following areas. He spoke from nearly four decades of experience as a neurological...

The Seven Phases of M&A

With ten successful deals having been concluded over the past 18 months, M&A activity in the orthopaedic industry is sizzling. Given healthy balance sheets and cheap debt, large and mid-sized buyers are well positioned to aggressively pursue acquisition opportunities in 2015 and beyond. This article highlights the typical process of buying a company, with specific context for buyers and sellers who may be new to the process or are interested in picking up a few tips.

Suppliers Stress Customer Involvement in Strategic and Process Improvement Decisions

Listen to medical device CEOs provide perspective on global expansion, outsourcing and selecting partners. Three of the larger suppliers to orthopaedic device companies spoke on the importa...

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