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CTL Amedica Debuts MONET Integrated ACIF Cage

CTL Amedica launched the MONET™ ACIF Integrated Cage with supplementary fixation.

SpineWelding Gains FDA Clearance for Elaris Pedicle Screw

SpineWelding received its first FDA 510(k) clearance, addressing the Elaris Pedicle Screw.

RTI Surgical Launches CervAlign Anterior Cervical Plate

RTI Surgical commenced full commercial launch of the CervAlign® Anterior Cervical Plate following successful limited release.

4WEB Medical Completes Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression Study

4WEB Medical completed Phase I in vitro testing to demonstrate that surface roughness on its 3D-printed truss implants stimulates a superior osteogenic response vs. smooth titanium and PEEK.

Kuros Biosciences Launches MagnetOs Bone Graft

Kuros Biosciences commenced full launch of MagnetOs™ bone graft substitute granules.

Biedermann Motech Expands its iMAS360 Procedural Solution

Biedermann Motech integrated the DELTA XS™ Shank Based Retractor into the iMAS360™ lumbar fusion procedure.

Brainlab's Cirq Robotics Gains FDA Clearance for Spine

Brainlab received FDA 510(k) clearance to market Cirq® Robotics in the U.S. for spinal applications.

CarboFix Gains FDA Clearance for Carbon Fiber Fenestrated Screw

CarboFix received FDA 510(k) clearance to market CarboClear® Carbon Fiber fenestrated pedicle screws to treat spinal tumors. 

SeaSpine Enters Developing and License Agreement with restor3D

SeaSpine entered into an exclusive development and licensing agreement with restor3d, developer of 3D-printed implants.

Innovasis Partners with Pore Matrix for Porous HA PEEK Material

Innovasis entered into an agreement with Pore Matrix to use the company's Porous HA PEEK in interbody devices.


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