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Safe Orthopaedics Study: Cost Savings with Single-use Instruments

Study results revealed an average 50% cost-per-patient savings with use of Safe Orthopaedics' instruments vs. reusable ones in the treatment of spinal fractures. 

Turner Imaging Debuts Smart-C Portable Mini C-Arm

Turner Imaging Systems is introducing Smart-C™, a portable mini C-arm point-of-care x-ray imaging system.

Aurora Spine Reports 3Q18 Revenue of $2.7MM, +59.6% vs. 3Q17

Aurora Spine reports 3Q18 revenue of US $2.7MM, +59.6% vs. 3Q17.

United Orthopedic Gains Clearance for E-XPE Hip Liner

United Orthopedic received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the E-XPE™ vitamin E highly cross-linked polyethylene-based hip liner.

In2Bones Launches CoLink View Plates

In2Bones launched CoLink® View titanium/PEEK-based bone plates.

Vertiflex Study: 85% Reduction in Opiod Use after Treatment with Superion

Results from a randomized, controlled trial of Vertiflex's Superion® Indirect Decompression System showed an 85% decrease in the proportion of patients using opioids, 5 years after treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis. 

SurGenTec Launches GraftGun with ViBone Viable Bone Matrix

SurGenTec completed initial clinical launch of the GraftGun bone graft delivery system combined with ViBone Viable Bone Matrix prefilled tubes.

Medtronic Reports FY2Q19 Orthopaedic Revenue of $744MM, +0.7% vs. 3Q17

Medtronic reports FY2Q19 orthopaedic revenue of US $744MM, +0.7% vs. 3Q17

First Procedures with Integra's XT Revision Total Ankle

Integra LifeSciences launched the Integra® XT Revision Total Ankle Replacement system.

aap Implantate Reports Positive LOQTEQ Study Results

In biomechanical study, aap Implantate's LOQTEQ® anatomical fracture plating system displayed better explantation properties than those of the market leader.


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