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ulrich medical USA Announces 10-Year Milestone of +225% Revenue Growth in U.S. Market

ulrich medical USA announces 10-year milestone of +225% revenue growth in the U.S. market.

Exactech Announces First Surgeries Using InterSep Bone Void Filler

Exactech announced the successful first procedure using InterSep™ calcium sulfate bone void filler.

Globus Medical Launches FORTIFY Variable Angle Expandable Spacer

Globus Medical introduced FORTIFY VA™, a variable angle corpectomy spacer that provides up to 16 degrees of angulation.

RepliCel Secures New Patents for Tendon Repair Technology

Replicel was granted patents in China, Europe and Russia addressing the use of fibroblast cell technology to treat chronically damaged tendons. 

Brainlab Recalls Spine & Trauma 3D Navigation Software

Brainlab recalled Spine & Trauma 3D Navigation 1.0 software due to the potential for incorrect information to display during surgery, preventing acccurate navigation of surgical tools inside the patient. FDA has identified this as a Class I recall.

Bioretec Acquires BRI.Tech and Resorbable Metal Implant Technology

Bioretec acquired BRI.Tech, developer of a novel biocompatible and bioresorbable metal composition.

In2Bones Launches ClearGuard LE for Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release

In2Bones commenced U.S. commercial launch of the ClearGuard LE™ Endoscopic Soft Tissue Release System to treat various foot conditions.

Medicrea Reports 1Q19 Revenue of €7.7MM, +10.6% vs. 1Q18

Medicrea reports 1Q19 revenue of €7.7MM (USD $9.5MM), +10.6% vs. 1Q18.

SI-BONE Gains FDA Clearance of iFuse Bedrock Fixation Technology

SI-BONE received an additional FDA 510(k) clearance for use of iFuse Bedrock™ technology in fusion of the sacroiliac joint during long construct procedures.

EOS imaging Introduces EOSlink 3D Surgical Planning Software

EOS imaging launched EOSlink to integrate EOSapps pre-op surgical planning software with tools like navigation and robotics-based systems for spine, total hip and total knee procedures.


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