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Xtant Medical Announces 1st Surgery with Atrix-C Cervical Allograft Interbody Spacer


Xtant Medical announced the 1st surgical case of the Atrix-C™ Cervical Allograft Interbody Spacer. This represents the 1st Xtant Medical product launched within the U.S. following the combination of Bacterin and X-spine Systems.

The precision milled cortical allograft features a central opening for placement of a preferred biologic material, such as OsteoSponge®, to support fusion, and an anatomic footprint to help maximize surface area for structural support.

Atrix-C joins Xtant's Calix® and Calix PC™ PEEK interbody spacers for use in anterior cervical discectomy fusion.

Source: Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc.