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WishBone Medical Forms to Support Pediatric Orthopaedics


Orthopaedic pediatric company WishBone Medical was recently established to support an underserved but strong segment of the market.

WishBone Medical, based in Warsaw, Indiana, will sell orthopaedic implants and instruments in sterile-packed, single-use, disposable kits for the pediatric market, which the company estimates to be $1.4 billion globally and growing at 10% annually.  (ORTHOWORLD estimates that the worldwide orthopaedic market reached $46.6 billion in 2015.) To capture a portion of that market, WishBone will address deformities of the long bones, foot/ankle, spine and thoracic region, as well as sports-related injuries, trauma, biologics and preventative body armor.

WishBone’s entry into the market makes it one of only a few companies solely focused on children’s orthopaedic needs. OrthoPediatrics, which WishBone Founder Nick A. Deeter started in 2006, focuses on spine, trauma and sports medicine. OrthoPediatrics logged $31 million in revenue for 2015. Canadian company Pega Medical is focused mainly on pediatric trauma and deformity in the hips and legs.

Deeter said that he founded the company because 95% of the orthopaedic implants children receive today are not designed for children.

“Ten years ago when I started OrthoPediatrics, I felt it was unacceptable for a child to get an adult device that was bent, cut, and altered just to try and make it fit while ignoring the growth plates and possibly causing more harm,”  he said in announcing the launch of WishBone. “There is still a lot of work to be done on behalf of our kids.”

Source: WishBone Medical, Inc.