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ulrich medical USA to Surpass 100,000 VBR Implant Milestone in 2019


ulrich medical USA announced that the company will surpass the 100,000 implant milestone in total vertebral body replacement (VBR) device implantations within 2019.

Since 1912, the company has built a suite of expandable corpectomy cages with features such as continuous, gear-driven in-situ implant expansion and self-locking implant mechanisms that eliminate the need for additional set screws. Its U.S. market portfolio includes the Small VBR™, Omni VBR™, ADDplus™, obelisc®, obelisc LE® and the recently-launched Solidity™ device.

At the start of 2Q19, the company announced the achievement of 13 consecutive years of organic growth and a 10-year mark of 225% revenue growth in the U.S. market. ulrich noted a 19% annual growth rate in case volumes, bringing 10-year (2008 – 2018) growth in case volumes to 184%.

Sources: ulrich medical USA; ORTHOWORLD Inc.