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Studies Demonstrate Fewer Fractures with CERAMENT vs. Other Modalities to Treat Osteomyelitis


Comparative study results evaluating 3 local antibiotic delivery materials as bone defect fillers after excision of chronic osteomyelitis found that CERAMENT™ with Gentamicin performed better in rates of recurrence, fracture and wound leakage, despite a higher percentage of compromised Class B hosts. The study groups comprised 313 patients each with a minimum 1- year follow-up.

The group including CERAMENT with Gentamicin resulted in 50% less fractures, 50% less infection recurrences and fewer prolonged wound leaks vs. collagen or calcium sulfate products.

BONESUPPORT claims that CERAMENT|G is the 1st antibiotic-eluting bone substitute indicated to promote and protect bone healing in the management of osteomyelitis. The company has also developed CERAMENT™|V, an injectable vancomycin-eluting bone substitute for treatment of osteomyelitis.