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Safe Orthopaedics Study: Cost Savings with Single-use Instruments


Results from an independent evaluation of instruments to implant cemented spinal rods and screws revealed an average 50% cost-per-patient savings with single-use instruments marketed by Safe Orthopaedics vs. standard, partially-reusable instruments. 

Per the study, the average cost per patient of Safe Orthopaedics' single-use instruments is €865 (~US $977), vs. €1, 745 (~$1,971) on average for instruments previously used by Saint-Etienne University Hospital. Compared to a daily cost of hospitalization, the cost of non-reimbursed supplies is halved with single-use instruments (€66/$75 vs. €134/$151 per day).

“This study shows that for the implantation of cemented screws, the single-use instrument has a lower cost, for the same procedure,” noted the study authors, adding, “After testing, the single-use instrument has been validated by the surgeons.”

Safe Orthopaedics markets implants and instruments for use in minimally invasive spine procedures, such as the SteriSpine pedicle screw platform and Cypress cemented screw.

Source: Safe Orthopaedics