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Paragon 28 Launches JAWS Nitinol Staple


Paragon 28 launched the JAWS™ Nitinol Staple for osteotomy, arthrodesis and fragment fixation of bones and joints of the foot, including small bone fragments.

The system is preloaded on a lightweight titanium inserter that seats the staple before it is released, thus eliminating the need to tamp and possibly crush bone. Instrumentation comes in a self-contained, disposable, sterile kit. An auxiliary instrument set includes trial sizers, decortication instrumentation and the JAWS Compressor for use with midfoot to hindfoot fusions.

This is the company's second product announcement for 2018, following the HammerTube™ implant.

Sources: Paragon 28; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


Paragon 28 JAWS Nitinol Staple

Image courtesy of Paragon 28