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NuVasive Porous PEEK Material Impaction Study Results


Study results demonstrated advantages of NuVasive's Porous PEEK™ interbody fusion devices vs. titanium-coated PEEK implants in impaction durability. 

Researchers subjected titanium-coated PEEK, smooth PEEK and NuVasive Porous PEEK interbody implants to impaction loading conditions. Subsequent analysis showed that the Porous PEEK surface structure maintained high porosity (greater than 65%), with minimal changes to pore size and depth. Titanium-coated devices demonstrated coating loss after impaction, and smooth PEEK showed minimal damage, but a decrease in surface roughness.

The durability of Porous PEEK indicates that the opportunity for bony ingrowth may be optimized. 

NuVasive's COHERE® and COALESCE™ Interbody Fusion devices are the only Porous PEEK interbody implants available in the market.

Sources: NuVasive, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.