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Naviswiss Gains Japan Regulatory Approval for Hip Navigation


Naviswiss is entering the Japanese market, having received regulatory approval for its miniaturized surgical navigation for hip replacement in the region. First surgeries are expected in coming months.

At the close of 2019, the company raised CHF 5 million (USD $5 million) in a round of private equity funding to support product development and entrance into U.S. and Japanese markets.

Naviswiss has developed a navigated total hip replacement application that is image-free and provides the surgeon with accurate information on cup alignment, leg length and offset. The application is open for all implant manufacturers and supports all surgical approaches. 

Naviswiss NAVItags - ORTHOWORLD
Stamp-size NAVItags add to the simplicity of the surgical process: intraoperatively, they are easily cleanable and require only minimally invasive bone fixation.