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MicroPort Orthopedics Reaches 20-Year Milestone with Medial Pivot Knee


MicroPort Orthopedics marked 20 years on the market with the Evolution® Medial-Pivot total knee. Since its 1998 launch, the device has been implanted in >550,000 patients. 

The system features medial ball-in-socket articulation and a mobile lateral compartment that pivots about the medial side, supporting stability, high flexion and replication of the natural feel and motion of the natural knee. The medial stability substitutes for both the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. 

In early 1Q18, results from retrospective, comparative study indicated that patients who underwent medial-pivot total knee arthroplasty with Evolution scored significantly better on the Forgotten Joint Score vs. those undergoing posterior-stabilized TKA. (In other words—they were more likely to forget that they had a knee done.)

Sources: MicroPort Orthopedics Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

MicroPort Orthopedics Evolution Medial Pivot Knee System

Image courtesy of MicroPort Orthopedics Inc.