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Medicrea Reaches 5,000 Cases with UNiD ASI Technology


Medicrea hit the milestone of more than 5,000 procedures using the UNiD® ASI (Adaptive Spine Intelligence) platform and patient-specific implants. This is an increase from the 4,000 cases reported at the end of 2Q19. The company noted that in 2019, the number of minimally invasive procedures performed with UNiD ASI grew by 413%.

UNiD ASI supports pre-operative case planning and execution of patient-specific surgical strategies. Surgeons work with UNiD Lab™ biomedical engineers to create several plans and identify the one that would yield the best patient outcome. Medicrea analyzes post-operative data to continuously improve its technology.

Denys Sournac, Chief Executive Officer, said, “The company has seen a strong acceleration in the adoption of its UNiD ASI technology platform in 2019 and a shift in the surgery mix. Since its inception, the technology supported surgeons specializing in deformity indications for both adult and pediatric indications. Today, we are seeing an increase in the number of 1- to 3-level degenerative spine surgeries being performed with the UNiD ASI technology, either through Open or MIS...Given the current growth rate of our UNiD cases, we are well on track to perform 3,000 additional cases in 2020 compared to 1,848 in 2019, thus bringing our clinical database to 8,000 patient files.”