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Medicrea Launches UNiD Lab Support for Patient-Specific Spine Surgery


Medicrea has launched UNiD™ Lab Services, including real-time support for pre-op planning of spinal procedures, order fulfillment for the UNiD patient-specific rod and detailed post-op analysis. UNiD Lab Services have been used in >500 surgeries worldwide, to date.

The UNiD system offers patient-specific rods as well as staff trained in x-ray analysis, sagittal alignment and the latest clinical data in spinal correction. This team prepares pre-op documents provided to the surgeon and filed within a patient’s medical record, to be reviewed before surgery to align the OR team on the surgical plan. Post-op, UNiD Lab Services provide analysis of each procedure and the surgeon’s case series, including a comparison with normative data to provide data analysis to the surgeon and patient.

Medicrea seeks to extend the UNiD platform into products for the cervical spine. 

Source: Medicrea


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