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KATOR Granted U.S. Patent for Suture Anchor Technology


KATOR was granted U.S. Patent No.  9,131,937, “Suture Anchor," addressing a novel device that eliminates the need for knot tying and locks different portions of suture to different portions of the anchor.

The technology is designed to support stronger surgical repair constructs than currently-marketed suture anchors and potentially allow use of fewer suture anchors.

KATOR, a startup focused on tissue-to-bone reattachment, is incubated and operated by Surgical Frontiers. In 3Q14, Surgical Frontiers closed on a US $7MM fund to invest in its incubator for musculoskeletal surgical technology startups. Initial funding commitments were made to three portfolio companies: First Ray, addressing foot/ankle; KATOR, focused on sports medicine and IntraFuse for trauma applications.

Source: KATOR, LLC