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Instratek Launches ToeTac for Hammertoe Deformities


Instratek launched ToeTac™, a 1-piece, cannulated PEEK device for treatment of hammertoe deformity.

ToeTac threads into the middle phalanx and pressfits into the proximal phalanx, providing a stable construct for PIP fusion. The single-use kits are reportedly the only sterile hammertoe implant solution to offer a cannulated PEEK implant + reamer in one kit. 

Further, the company notes achievement of a tenth consecutive year of record revenue growth. Prior to ToeTac, its most recent product release was the STAPiX™ Nitinol fixation staple in 2Q15. 

Instratek instrumentation and implants for the extremities include a range of screws, staples, endoscopic release systems, etc. 

Source: Instratek