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Corin Launches Trinity Dual Mobility Hip


Corin launched the Trinity™ Dual Mobility System, designed to support a wide range of motion and a reduction in instability and dislocation following primary or revision arthroplasty.

The system works with Corin's Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) technology to achieve the right implant positioning and orientation based on a dynamic, pre-op functional assessment and patient analysis.

The modular acetabular system puts two articulating surfaces in one joint space for stable, multi-directional movement not available with conventional hip replacements. A base of Corin's ECIMA™ polyethylene reduces the risk of in vivo oxidation, and a self-centering polyethylene liner reduces load and risk of impingement between stem and polyethylene.

Source: Corin Group

Corin Trinity Dual Mobility System for Hip Replacement

Image courtesy of Corin Group