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BONESUPPORT: Study Affirms Cerament Remodels into Human Bone


Retrospective review of 163 patients at one-year follow-up revealed clinical evidence of CERAMENT bone void filler remodeling into bone in humans.

This represents the first radiographic and histological data to demonstrate that the radiographic changes seen over time are due to active bone formation, as opposed to residual bone graft substitute.

Jamie Ferguson, lead study author, said, "This correlates with good clinical outcomes in a challenging indication, where generally less impressive results in infection recurrence and fracture rates would be expected. Additionally, no patient required any autologous bone grafting procedure.” 

The study comprised retrospective review of serial x-rays of 163 consecutive patients. Of those, 138 had adequate radiographs at a minimum of one year. Nine patients had surgery not related to their infection, allowing for biopsy for histology between 19 days and two years. Radiographic data showed a mean bone void filling rate of 73.8% at twelve months, and progression of bone formation over two years in two-thirds of patients studied.