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Augmedics Secures $8.3 Million Funding for Augmented-Reality Surgical Visualization


Augmedics secured US $8.3MM in Series A funding. Proceeds will support research and development, pre-clinical and clinical trials, distribution and FDA 510(k) clearance for the X-VISION Augmented Reality (AR) surgical visualization system, with its first application in minimally invasive spine procedures. (The technology was previously called ViZOR, but this was changed due to trademark issues.)

X-VISION is an AR head-mounted display designed to let surgeons "see through" skin and tissue by projecting a 3D image of the patient's spine onto the surgeon's retina in real time. Aside from just sounding incredibly cool, X-VISION's potential benefits include reduction of radiation exposure, shorter surgical time and reduced revisions. Down the road, X-VISION will incorporate sensors to collect "big data" and could use that to offer assistive measures like suggestions and alerts. 

The funding was led by AO Invest, the Israeli Innovation Authority, Terra Venture Partners and undisclosed investors. Augmedics was founded in 2014, and received $1.8MM in seed funding from Terralab Ventures and Terra Venture Partners in 2015.

In 1Q17, Royal Philips announced development of augmented-reality surgical navigation technology for use in image-guided open and minimally invasive spine procedures. This employs high-res optical cameras on a flat panel x-ray detector to image the surface of the patient. Shortly thereafter, 7D Surgical received both FDA 510(k) clearance and a medical device license from Health Canada to market MvIGS™, the Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery 7D Surgical System for use in spine procedures. 

Sources: Augmedics, ORTHOWORLD Inc.

X-VISION, image courtesy of Augmedics

Philips Surgical Navigation Technology, image courtesy of Philips

Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) platform, image courtesy of 7D Surgical