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4WEB Medical Completes Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression Study


4WEB Medical completed Phase I in vitro testing to demonstrate that surface roughness on its 3D-printed truss implants stimulates a superior osteogenic response vs. smooth titanium and PEEK. Results indicated that 4WEB implants, which contain surface roughnesses ranging from the macro to nano scale, significantly increased cellular differentiation and osteogenic gene expression over time vs. the other materials.

A Phase II in vitro study will focus on mechanobiology, investigating ways that physical forces applied to cells, and the corresponding changes in the mechanical properties of those cells, contribute to healing. Quantifying the impact of the cellular response may have significant implications on future implant designs, leading to better clinical outcomes.

In spine, 4WEB presently markets truss implant systems in posterior spine (straight and curved), anterior, lateral and cervical designs.

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Source: 4WEB Medical