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ZygoFix Launches zLOCK Facet Fixation Study -

ZygoFix announced the successful start of a first in human clinical study of the zLOCK facet joint fixation system. The study comprised several procedures to date and 6-month follow-up of the first case, after which the patient reported a drop in her pain level from 9 pre-op to zero at 6 months post-op. zLOCK is a miniature facet fusion cage designed to stabilize the segment. It is manufactured from titanium with 3D printing into a combination of rigid and flexible elements that use the natural anatomy of the spine to form a bridge between two adjacent vertebrae, with no screws and rods. The device is placed through a percutaneous approach with only one small incision per side, and is designed to complement anterior cages placed in a lateral approach as a minimally invasive option for posterior stabilization. (ZygoFix Ltd., 12/10/18)