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Strategic Initiatives

Zimmer Biomet to Distribute Nextremity Solutions Products -

Zimmer Biomet entered into an exclusive agreement to globally distribute Nextremity Solutions' foot and ankle deformity correction products.

Implant systems in the transaction include:

  • Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System: an adjustable two-piece implant
  • MSP™ Metatarsal Shortening System: osteotomy guide and implant in one
  • Re+Line® Bunion Correction System: low profile tension band compression plate 
  • Arcus™ Staple System: arc-styled design to support uniform compression

One year ago, Nextremity Solutions acquired a fusion technology in support of its plan to expand from forefoot devices into midfoot, hindfoot and beyond.

Sources: Zimmer Biomet, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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