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Product / Company Performance

Zimmer Biomet Ortho Revenue +4% vs. 2Q17 -

ORTHOWORLD estimates Zimmer Biomet (ZBH) 2Q18 orthopaedic revenue of US $1,858.2MM, +3.5% vs. 2Q17, and 1H18 revenue of $3,714.8MM, +2.8% vs. 1H17.

Estimated segment sales and growth follow.

  2Q18  2Q17  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction $1,292.3  $1,247.4  $44.9  3.6% 
   Knee  $703.0  $680.0  $23.0  3.4% 
   Hip  $486.9  $468.0  $18.9  4.0% 
   Extremities  $102.4  $99.4  $3.0  3.0% 
 Spine $118.1  $117.2  $0.8  0.7% 
 Trauma $143.8  $139.7  $4.1  2.9% 
 Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue $33.5  $32.6  $0.9  2.8% 
 Orthobiologics $76.2  $73.6  $2.5  3.5% 
 Other* $194.3  $185.6  $8.7  4.7% 
Total   $1,858.2  $1,796.2  $62.0  3.5% 


  1H18  1H17  $ Change  % Change 
 Joint Reconstruction $2,604.2  $2,524.0  $80.1  3.2% 
   Knee  $1,416.3  $1,380.8  $35.5  2.6% 
   Hip  $978.9  $941.8  $7.5  3.9% 
   Extremities  $209.0  $201.4  -$1.7  3.7% 
 Spine $228.1  $229.8  -$1.7  -0.7% 
 Trauma $288.9  $277.9  $10.9  3.9% 
 Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue $66.6  $63.9  $2.7  4.1% 
 Orthobiologics $150.5  $146.3  $4.1  2.8% 
 Other* $376.6  $371.0  $5.6  1.5% 
 Total   $3,714.8  $3,613.1  $101.7  2.8% 

*CMF, Bone Healing, Forgings, Accelero

ORTHOWORLD’s estimated revenue by geographic region:

  2Q18  1H18 
 U.S. $1,126.1  $2,251.2 
 Ex-U.S. $732.1  $1,463.6 

First of all: nothing new to add about the response to FDA’s 483 observations. If you’d like a refresher on that, please read our summary.

Leadership maintains that new product launches remain on schedule and supply will not be a barrier to hitting the company’s 2018 guidance and turnaround timeline, with restoration of full supply to key brands in 3Q18. (Turnaround is defined as at or above market growth in 2020.)

Certain unidentified brands are “lagging behind, but we’ll catch those,” assured CEO Bryan Hanson. These likely include non-shoulder portions of the S.E.T. segment—ZBH’s reporting for Surgical, Sports Medicine, Foot/Ankle, Extremities and Trauma revenue. (The Sidus stemless shoulder launch was called out as doing well; limited launch of a revision shoulder system is slated for year-end.)

In 2Q18, hips and knees benefited from international growth in products that aren’t supply constrained, for instance Asia Pacific with 9.9% growth in hips and 8.1% in knees year over year. Limited launches of the Persona Revision knee and the total knee application for ROSA robotics are expected by year-end.

Within the quarter, ZBH marked completion of the first surgical case with the Comprehensive® Augmented Baseplate, a part of the Comprehensive® Reverse Shoulder system; as well as marked completion of the first surgical case with the Persona® Trabecular Metal™ Tibia.

In spine, during 2Q, the company gained FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Zyston® Strut Open Titanium Interbody Spacer, the company's first titanium spinal implant manufactured via 3D printing.

Finally, Hanson noted the goal of a limited launch for ROSA in spine directly following launch of the knee application.

Sources: Zimmer Biomet, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc. estimates


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