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Vomaris Launches Procellera FlexEFit Antibacterial Wound Dressing -

Vomaris Innovations commenced U.S. launch of Procellera® FlexEFit™ Antibacterial Wound Dressing. For procedures such as hip and knee replacement, FlexEFit can provide seamless coverage of incisions of any length or curvature, with one product configuration. FlexEFit is based on V.Dox™ technology that uses embedded moisture-activated microcell batteries that wirelessly generate microcurrents, designed to mimic the skin's electrical energy. A "Link & Build" design enables it to be built during application. The covering provides the incision protection without the use of additional antibiotics, and extends a measure of infection control beyond the O.R. In clinical and scientific studies, V.Dox has been shown to kill a broad spectrum of microbes, including multidrug-resistant and biofilm-forming bacteria. Vomaris has also developed the OrthoElite™ line, designed to contour and move with various joints. These products are distributed by Arthrex exclusively for orthopedic and sports medicine applications under the brand name JumpStart® Antibacterial Wound Dressings. (Vomaris Innovations, Inc., 3/12/19)