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TeDan Surgical Launches UltraFix Stabilization for Lateral Lumbar Surgical Access -

TeDan Surgical Innovations introduced UltraFix™ Stabilization technology as part of its next-gen Phantom XL3™ Lateral Lumbar Surgical Access platform. Phantom XL3 combines TeDan's existing articulating mechanical fixation capabilities and proprietary retraction technology. It features a radiolucent surgical retraction blade configuration with surgeon-controlled pivoting capability, a cold-LED illumination platform and a Neuromonitoring Dilation Package that enables circumferential trans-psoas navigation. TeDan's Phantom series includes Phantom CS™ Side-Loading Retractor Systems for ACDF, the minimally invasive Phantom AL™ Retractor System for anterior lumbar procedures, Phantom LT™ Top-Load and Phantom LS™ Front-Load Lumbar Retractor Sets, etc. The company also markets retractors for use in anterior acetabular hip replacement, femoral anterior hip replacement and shoulder replacement. (TeDan Surgical Innovations LLC, 9/9/19)