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Strategic Initiatives

Synaptive Medical Collaborates with Stryker on Visualization in Spine Surgery -

Synaptive Medical expanded its automation and robotics applications nto spine procedures, and entered into a co-marketing collaboration with Stryker’s Advanced Guidance Technologies for the robotically controlled Modus V™ digital microscope. Synaptive’s initial product offering, BrightMatter™, helps surgeons perform less invasive, patient-specific approaches in complex cranial procedures. Initially launched as part of this cranial offering, Modus V was found to provide similar benefits in minimally invasive spine surgeries. The system's robotic arm moves automatically based on the positions of tracked surgical instruments, allowing surgeons to operate continuously without removing their hands from the operative field to adjust the microscope. Other features such as automatic lighting optimization and hands-free focal depth control, support an optimal view. (Synaptive Medical, 10/17/19)