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Study Results: RTI Surgical's TETRAfuse 3D PEKK Technology -

Studies show that RTI Surgical's TETRAfuse® PEKK implants demonstrated bone ingrowth, no radiographic interference, no fibrotic tissue membrane formation, a significant increase in bony apposition over time and a significantly higher push-out strength vs. standard polyetheretherketone (PEEK). PEEK and titanium-coated PEEK are commonly used in spinal interbody implants. However, surface delamination and lack of bone apposition have led to research into additional materials, such as TETRAfuse 3D Technology featured in RTI’s Fortilink® Interbody Fusion Systems. Its nano-rough surface and antibacterial characteristics are designed to participate in fusion without compromising mechanical integrity or radiographic visibility. In the ovine study, implants were analyzed at 8 and 16 weeks with respect to their osseointegrative capacities using a push-out method, histological staining and radiographic tests. In 2Q19, RTI announced a milestone of 5,000 implants of Fortilink-C, -TS and -L IBF Systems with TETRAfuse 3D Technology in the U.S.