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Strategic Initiatives

Stryker's Endoscopy Division Acquires Ivy Sports Medicine -

Stryker's Endoscopy division acquired Ivy Sports Medicine, LLC, whose portfolio is comprised of a comprehensive minimally invasive meniscal repair platform. This transaction enables Stryker to offer a complete meniscal platform.

Ivy Sports Medicine's platform includes the only FDA-approved collagen meniscus implant (CMI®) on the market, as stated by the company. CMI is a biocompatible, highly purified collagen scaffold for repair and reinforcement of meniscus defects following partial meniscectomy or for the treatment of irreparable meniscus tears.

The 1st implantation and U.S. launch of CMI was announced in 4Q15.

Source: Stryker, ORTHOWORLD

Stryker is the third largest player in orthopaedics by revenue, accounting for 13% of the total market, and the fourth largest player in the arthroscopy/soft tissue segment, according to ORTHOWORLD estimates. Stay informed on Stryker's activity with their company profile.

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