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Product / Company Performance

Stryker Reports 2016 Revenue -

ORTHOWORLD estimates Stryker’s 2016 orthopaedic revenue at US $6,330.8MM, +4.9% from 2015, with 4Q16 revenue of $1,686.5MM, +6.5% vs. 4Q15.


ORTHOWORLD estimates 2016 segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis, as follows.

  • Joint Reconstruction $3,408.1MM, +5.0%
    • Hip $1,432.9MM, +3.8%
    • Knee $1,870.9MM, +6.0%
    • Extremities $104.3MM, +5.0%
  • Trauma $1,265.6MM, +6.0%
  • Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue $461.5MM, +7.3%
  • Spine $712.5MM, +1.7%
  • Orthobiologics $207.7MM, +4.5%
  • Other $275.4MM, +3.6% (CMF, Performance Solutions)


  • Revenue drivers include continued momentum in U.S. trauma, extremities, knees
  • Strong demand for 3D-printed products, foot/ankle and Mako
  • Revision knees buoyed by 3D-printed cones and sleeves
  • 3D-printed Global Hip Cup launch is forthcoming
  • Foot/ankle products growing in strong double-digits (above 15% in 4Q)
  • “Well-positioned to start to grow in upper extremities” with all but the partial shoulder in the lineup
  • Sports Medicine growing in strong double digits; adding sales reps in that segment
  • 1588 camera “getting fantastic feedback”

Mako update:

  • Expanded limited market launch for total knee to include additional sites, which will be training centers as full launch approaches (slated for AAOS 2017 meeting)
  • ~50 surgeons trained on new application
  • Capital specialists began upgrading existing robots to support total knee
  • 32 robots installed in 4Q16 (24 in the U.S.)
  • 86 installations for 2016, up from 72 in 2015 (+19.4%)
  • Total robots installed globally to date: 381 (333 in the U.S.)


  • U.S. spine supply issues were somewhat offset by strong demand for interbody fusion and 3D-printed Tritanium products; supply issues should diminish by 2Q
  • Results from a pre-clinical interbody fusion study of the 3D-printed Tritanium PL Interbody Cage demonstrated statistically superior range of motion, bone in-growth profile and greater average construct stiffness vs. PEEK and titanium plasma-sprayed PEEK cages
  • Within 4Q, launched the LITe BIO hand-held bone graft material delivery device for direct visualization; accommodates a surgeon’s preferred graft material in any spinal fusion

Sources: Stryker Corporation; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

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