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Stryker Mako Total Knee: Clinical Studies Demonstrate Early Functional Recovery -

Clinical studies demonstrated that Stryker's Mako Total Knee was associated with less pain and need for opiates, shorter hospital stays, improved flexion and soft tissue protection vs. manual techniques. A prospective, single-surgeon, consecutive series study compared 40 patients undergoing manual total knee arthroplasty (TKA) to an equal number with Mako. The latter group exhibited less post-op pain, a decreased need for opiates, a 26% reduction in length of hospital stay and less need for in-patient physical therapy. A longitudinal, retrospective analysis of CMS Medicare claims data evaluated the 90-day episode-of-care costs for manual vs. Mako TKA, concluding that Mako patients had overall lower average 90-day costs to Medicare, driven by reduced facility costs, shorter lengths of stay, decreased readmissions, etc. An additional prospective cohort study compared macroscopic bone/soft tissue injury results between Mako and manual TKA. The study compared 30 consecutive manual TKAs to an equal number of consecutive Mako TKA procedures, performed by a single surgeon. Results indicated reduced bone and soft tissue damage in the Mako patient group. (Stryker Corporation, 3/12/19)