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Stryker Debuts SonicAnchor Ultrasonic Soft Tissue Technology -

Stryker's Foot & Ankle unit announced U.S. availability of SonicAnchor™, reportedly the only implant in the U.S. that employs ultrasonic energy to liquefy and flow into cancellous bone, for suture or tissue fixation in foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder open procedures.

Unlike traditional anchor fixation, SonicAnchor and SonicFusion technology may lower risk of breakage during insertion. Ultrasonic energy liquefies the tip of the SonicAnchor bioresorbable polylactide polymer, enabling it to flow into cancellous bone cavities for stable fixation within five seconds after application.

SonicAnchor supports Achilles tendon repair, lateral and medial stabilization, hallux valgus reconstruction, midfoot reconstruction, metatarsal ligament repair and digital tendon transfer, etc. 

Source: Stryker Corporation

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