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Spinal Elements Ti-Bond Implant Milestone and Warranty Program -

Spinal Elements marked the milestone of >10,000 Ti-Bond interbody devices implanted and announced a one-year warranty for Ti-Bond devices.

Ti-Bond porous titanium-coated devices are warrantied against delaminating, chipping, peeling, shedding or generating debris during surgery, and also against fracture in whole or in part, coating delamination, pseudarthrosis, implant migration, subsidence or trauma for one year post-op. Spinal Elements will replace the implant free of charge if any of these events occur.

Spinal Elements announced FDA 510(k) clearance to market Ti-Bond-coated cervical interbody devices in 1Q15, and for interbody devices for posterior, anterior and lateral access to the lumbar spine in 2Q16.

Titan Spine also offers a warranty covering its Endoskeleton® interbody fusion devices, providing a one-time free replacement of any eligible device if revision is required within the five-year warranty period. The company recently amended its warranty to provide a free replacement if the devices delaminate or generate particulate debris during implantation. 

Sources: Spinal Elements, ORTHOWORLD Inc.


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