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Product / Company Performance

Smith & Nephew Reports 3Q16 Revenue -

ORTHOWORLD estimates Smith & Nephew (SNN) 3Q16 orthopaedic revenue of US $760.0MM, +2.8% from 3Q15. Growth is as reported.

ORTHOWORLD estimates 3Q16 segment sales and growth on an as-reported basis, as follows.

  • Joint Reconstruction $364.4MM, +2.7%
    • Hips $138.0MM, +0.7%
    • Knees $213.0MM, +3.9%
    • Extremities $13.4MM, +4.8%
  • Trauma $108.6MM, -0.6%
  • Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair $287.0MM, +4.4%


  • Growth driven by rotator cuff repair products, continued demand for COBLATION technology, new LENS surgical imaging system, JOURNEY II knee
  • Strong customer interest in eCAP (Episode of Care Assurance Program) initiative to support joint recon patients: offers a combination of recon implants + wound care products (PICO and ACTICOAT)
  • Growth offset by macro economic conditions in China/Gulf states (though China is improving), restructuring initiatives
  • Launched a new campaign for TRIGEN INTERTAN intertrochanteric antegrade nail that is supported by updated clinical evidence (e.g., review of published clinical studies demonstrated 4 times lower rate of re-operation with INTERTAN vs. a range of other hip fracture treatments)
  • On track to launch NAVIO total knee application in 2017
  • Opened new $55MM sports medicine manufacturing plant in Costa Rica to support demand for COBLATION technology; will bring SNN employees to 1,950 in the region

Sources: Smith & Nephew plc; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


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