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Smith+Nephew REGENTEN Bioinductive Implant Study Results -

A prospective, non-comparative arm study of Smith+Nephew's REGENETEN™ in 23 U.S. patients with large and massive rotator cuff tears demonstrated a 96% tendon healing rate at two years. Repairs of 3cm to 5cm and 5cm+ rotator cuff tears have a high rate of failure, with more than 40% requiring further treatment. The prospective, non-comparative arm study of REGENETEN in 23 U.S. patients with tears of these size demonstrated a 96% tendon healing rate at two years. There was no significant difference in treatment success between primary and revision repairs. The postage-stamp-sized, collagen-based REGENETEN implant stimulates the body's natural healing response by inducing the growth of new tendon-like tissue to biologically augment the existing tendon and disrupt disease progression. The device is gradually absorbed within 6 months.