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Smith & Nephew OXINIUM Technology: $296MM in Potential U.S. Health System Savings -

Data on 90-day episode of care outcomes, collected using the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement model, suggest that if Smith & Nephew's OXINIUM™ Oxidized Zirconium alloy bearing surface was used in all U.S. primary hip procedures in 2020, it could yield ~$296MM in savings to the nation's health system. The data compared outcomes for OXINIUM to all other non-OXINIUM bearing surfaces for total hip replacement. Per outcomes, OXINIUM reduced post-acute average cost per 90-day episode of care by $595 as a result of lower use of Skilled Nursing Facilities, fewer related hospital readmissions and less time in inpatient rehab. OXINIUM femoral heads launched in 2002 and have been implanted over 700,000 times worldwide, to date. (Smith & Nephew, 5/22/19)