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Smith & Nephew Launches TRIGEN INTERTAN Fracture Nail Assurance Program -

Smith & Nephew launched an INTERTAN Product Assurance (IPA) Program that will reimburse a healthcare facility for the cost of the TRIGEN™ INTERTAN™ Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture Nail if it fails to perform as expected, within 12 months following the procedure. The company estimates that hip fracture care has an annual cost of $12BB to $15BB to the healthcare system and an average reoperation rate of 6.6%. The IPA Program is intended to help mitigate this expense by potentially reducing the overall reoperation rate. Meta-analysis of data indicates that the implant, which uses a proprietary Integrated Compression Screw, outperformed other intertrochanteric nails using a traditional single screw. Results show that INTERTAN significantly reduced the risk of implant related failures by 81% and revision by 65% vs. single-screw nails. (Smith & Nephew, 9/26/19)