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Single-Use Instruments Yield Savings in Spine Surgery: Study -

Studies suggest that hospitals gain savings in cost and time when employing single-use instruments in spine surgery, such as those from Safe Orthopaedics. The randomized study assessed 40 patients over one year, comparing reusable and single-use instruments in lumbar spinal surgery. Investigators analyzed the entire procedure, from preoperative equipment prep to the cleaning and sterilization of reusable equipment, vs. post-op disposal of single-use instruments. Average procedure length was the same for both groups. However, the time required for preparation beforehand (ordering, restocking) and post-operation procedures (instrument cleaning, reconditioning and sterilization) was almost three hours with reusable instruments vs. 33 minutes with single-use instruments. With reusable instruments, post-op disinfection required 27.5 minutes, instrument assembly 73.7 minutes and sterilization 52.4 minutes, accounting for 87% of the three hours required. With single-use instruments, the longest step was kit preparation, which took an average of 17 minutes. Single-use instruments saved the hospital almost 2.5 hours per operation, which represents an estimated financial savings of €181 (~USD $200). (Safe Orthopaedics, 9/11/19)