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Silver Bullet Therapeutics Gaining CE Mark for OrthoFuzIon Bone Screw -

Silver Bullet Therapeutics received CE Mark approval for the antimicrobial OrthoFuzIon™ Bone Screw System for reduction and internal fixation procedures anywhere in the body. OrthoFuzIon is reportedly the first regulatory-approved antimicrobial bone screw product for orthopedic procedures. Following its initial CE Mark approval in 2015, the system now includes both solid and cannulated titanium bone screws with proprietary AntiBacterIon™ coating to facilitate sustained silver ion release, which provides antimicrobial protection to an implanted device. All OrthoFuzIon screws are implanted in the same manner as traditional bone screws to reduce and fixate a fracture. This new approval includes screws for use in orthopedic, spinal, dental and maxillofacial procedures. Launch in select European markets will begin within coming months.