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RTI Announces First Surgery Using HPS 2.0 Hybrid Pedicle Screw System -

RTI Surgical announced the first procedure using HPS™ 2.0 Hybrid Performance, a modular pedicle screw system for mono- and multi-segmental rigid, hybrid or dynamic posterior stabilization of the thoracolumbar spine. HPS 2.0 presents an alternative to conventional rigid implant systems by allowing the option to dynamically stabilize one or more segments adjoining a fusion. HPS 2.0 extends the HPS system’s DSS® coupler technology, which enables restoration of segmental stability while preserving motion and reducing the mechanical burden on adjacent segments. Other improvements include the ability to use couplers at multiple segments and substantial enhancements to the screw shank, head design and coupler and rod inserters. The HPS 2.0 Hybrid Performance System is in limited market release in Australia and Europe, and will be launched fully in Australia, Europe and Taiwan. HPS systems are not available in the U.S. (RTI Surgical, Inc., 9/18/19)